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Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Moment in Time !

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Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

"Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going."- Tennessee Williams

Soundtrack: Hum Hai Is Pal Yahaan

July 21, 2005 11:28 PM  
Blogger cosmicblob said...

ML - what can I say - you excel yourself with each pic..Thanks for the song in an easy to listen form - enjoying it!

July 21, 2005 11:48 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

Who is holding that flash light behind??

July 22, 2005 1:37 AM  
Blogger kaleidoscope said...

Awesome, got to agree with CB :)
and thanks for the song one of my fav.
Past few days i have been hooked on sankarabaranam and saagarasangamum songs. Another song for this situation Aao Naa fron KHGN, Ash's song.

July 22, 2005 4:46 AM  
Blogger ROBBIE said...

It seems like the clouds split wide open for u to capture the rays of sunlight passing through...
Life is all memories of wonderful things like these, I wish that these were the only ones though...

July 22, 2005 5:10 AM  
Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

CB, Gracias... Yea thought it'd be easier to listen to the song this way.

Jo, good question! Utharam kandupidiykkan oru anweshana commission-ne niyamikkaam.. enthu parayunnu? :))

K, mucho gracias...yea this song is my fave too, but didnt expect V' Oberoi's dialogue in the song though.

Zaps, u guessed it right :))
yea..sad that life's just not about all the 'wonderful' moments....but then such is Life..rt?

July 22, 2005 6:40 AM  
Blogger Oyster said...

dear god,
whatever happens to me, take care of her.give her so many things to do, so many good people around that she is busy and doesnt get think of me.if she is hurt in flesh, dont let her hurt so much. a lil blood on her skin is fine.but dont let that wound be touched again by anything else.let it heal.soon.if she is hurt at heart, remind her of me. make her feel better.in other days,take the love in me for her and give it to everyone that is around her.she is my pearl.take care of her.

hey magic & others, saw the pic and these words came to mind.so wrote.hope i didnt bug u guys.the song was nice too magic.ty.

July 22, 2005 9:39 AM  
Blogger Oyster said...

hey magic, i forgot to tell,the pic is beautiful.goes well with the settin of the song.

July 22, 2005 9:55 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

@ML -- He he... aangaleyathinidakku pettennu Malayalam kandappo oru confusion! :-) Thrissurian bhaashayil paranjaal, sambhavam ee padam kalakkendittaa...

July 22, 2005 12:29 PM  
Blogger cosmicblob said...

Jo & ML - Manasila ayilya - angilathil postscriptla paranyu koduku!! ;-)

July 22, 2005 12:58 PM  
Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

Oyster, am not sure 'god' answered your prayers yet, but those words were beautiful. I think in no time you'll make all of us pray for your 'pearly' with your comments and your posts :))

Whenever i think of 'god' this is the image i used to get...some strong light frm the sky and then the rays. I was surprised when i saw this up in the sky.
i didnt mention it when i posted the pic coz i didnt want to bring god into this, so thought of looking at it as the magic of a moment.
Am glad to know there are others who associate such images with the supreme power.

July 22, 2005 1:38 PM  
Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

Jo, chila kaaryangal malayalathil paranjaale shariyaavu....athaa.
Thanks for the compliments in 'thrissur style'.

CB, here's the story [Aangaleyathil postscriptil]

Jo wanted to know who held the flashlight, since i didnt know the ans i told him will keep an 'enq-commisssion' to find the ans.
He was surprised to read the malayalam words lost in the jungle of english comments and [as always hehe] he was confused!
The next part is a compliment for the pic...in 'Thrissur' style.

CB...ippo ellaam manassilaayo? :))
If u still didnt get it, try to read this.....complete manassilaavum hehehe...

Manassilaayathu Manassilaayillyannu
Manassilaayathum koodi manassilaavillya...Manassilaayo???

July 22, 2005 1:54 PM  
Blogger cosmicblob said...

ML - is that the mallu version of "Betty bought some butter..." or "she sells sea shells on the sea shore" ??

I understood everything except the trissur style comment - and your post script covers everything except that ! :(

Anyway - its nice to read - very sweet language...

July 22, 2005 2:35 PM  
Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

CB...thats not the mallu version of tongue twisters, they are 'words of wisdom' :))
Abt the comment he said the 'pic is good'..simple.

July 22, 2005 3:48 PM  
Blogger Oyster said...

ty for the reply magic. good 2 hear ur thoughts.

July 22, 2005 3:54 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

@ML -- Am confused as always? Grrr.....

It was fun reading "manassilaayathu manassilaayillyaannu paranjaal...". ha ha...

@CB -- Thrissur is where I belong to, a district in Kerala. :-) I was telling in this Thrissurian slang. That's it. :-)

July 23, 2005 12:08 AM  

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